According to the Owners Association Booklet it would only take two thirds of the home owners in Stardust Hills to vote out the HOA.

According to the Next-door Site there are 361 homes in Stardust Hills and if Gedert owns 100 homes then you would only need 174 of the home owners to return a vote to dissolve the HOA.

Anyone owning more than one home in Stardust Hills only has one vote. So it will take a little less number of people to vote out the HOA.

The HOA is collecting at least $80,000.00 dollars a year for Lights, Water, Mowers, and Maintenance. So if you divide the total amount taken in and divide it by 4 you would have $20,000.00 for each department. Thatís $1,600.00 a month for each of the 4 departments.

If the HOA was to be dissolved then, any assets owned by the organization has to be distributed to a not for profit organization. Since the town is a not for profit organization being a government agency then they would qualify.

I know there are months that you donít mow grass, and use the pool.

The town has told me they would love to take over the park for their parks department and redo the pool.

The town already collects taxes from every ones pay check that lives in the development. Also the town already has the 50í right of way for every street in the development. The town can get grants from different departments of the government for improvements. You canít get a grant from Don Gedert, but Don has been fixing some of the properties he has and I appreciate that very much.

Itís not Donís responsibility to enforce the way people live in Stardust Hills that responsibility belongs to the HOA.†

The town has ordinances for litter and grass cutting and condemned properties. I would just like to see if someone else can enforce rules.

I see many buildings and structures that need paint. I also see trailers and cars parked on grass in yards.

I donít have any objection to Don Gedert making another development on his property.



Some people want out of the HOA

It is possible to Dissolve the HOA