Revocable Proxy

Proxy forms must be obtained from the Association office



ANNUAL MEETING – DATE:_____________

The undersigned hereby appoint the Board of Directors of the Association, or in the alternative.


___________________________________, (to be filled in if power is to be given to an entity other than the Board of Directors), with full powers of substitution, act as attorneys and proxies for the undersigned, to vote at the Annual Meeting of the Members to be held October 16, 2022 at 2:00 P.M. at the Stardust Hills Clubhouse.


Should the undersigned be present and elect to vote at the Annual meeting, after notification to the Secretary of the Association at the meeting of the member’s decision to terminate this proxy, the power of said attorneys and proxies shall be deemed terminated and of no further force or effect.

The undersigned acknowledges receipt from the Association prior to the execution of this proxy of notice of the Annual Meeting.


Dated:_________________________                                       Lot#_________________________________


Print name:_________________________________________________________________


Sign Name of Member_________________________________________________________


Address of Member:___________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip Code:___________________________________________________________


Phone Number of Member:_____________________________


Certification by__________________________, Secretary of Board on___________________


NO. _______