I would just like for everyone to keep their home and property clean then everyoneís properties will hold their values better.

The POA enforcement officer should drive around the development and note which properties need a notice to clean the green off their house and any other violations they notice.

A letter should be sent giving the person 30 days to clean up the violations. If after 30 days the violation is not taken care of they would be fined $50.00.

I believe there are rules about cutting your grass, and not parking on the grass.† Also bring your trash cans back off the edge of the road.

Thereís a home at 567 Cool Evening Road that has a bounce-a-roo in the front yard with grass growing all around it and a pile of trash in the front yard and Gedert drives by it every day without doing anything about it.

I know Kay Gedert takes care of her house I am her neighbor, so why not show concern about the development they should love.

When driving into the project from the north entrance you have to pass the trailer above before you can get to Cool Evening Road. If I were to sell my home, my home value just dropped $10,000.00.† I had to pay for a building permit and get permission from the POA board to add a porch to the front of my property, but some people can let their property get run down and drive by it everyday without paying any attention to the blight.

What good is a POA?

Turn over control of the POA property to the town, we all pay taxes to the town anyway. They already have the roads, water, and sewer.


I saw an article in the newspaper about a town hall meeting about all the trash in Star Dust that ended with arguing with Don Gedert about his† properties not being in compliance with town rules. The town had the property stickered for health concerns .

This shows why we donít need to pay $220.00 a year for living in a project that donít enforce the rules.

If this property were mine I bet the POA would have sent me a letter!


2008 Cleaner

No permits needed and no dues paid