What went wrong?

I think having Proxy Votes is wrong and should not happen again.

Did the people that gave their ballot paper to Don Gedert sign their ballot?

All ballots must be signed by the person that owns the property for the vote to count. So if a person thinks there would be retribution about their proxy vote then so would the person that dropped off an early vote. Actually all votes would have a signature and be subject to retribution.

A person should have to go to the office and drop off early votes or vote on the designated day.


I also think the people in the project donít care thatís why so many proxy votes were cast, they were not going to vote!

I just wonder how many of those voters would have stopped by Don Gedertís office and asked if he would please take their vote sheets to the meeting for them?

If the votes went towards Don Gedert without using proxy votes I would be OK with that outcome.

I think that if you counted only the caring peoples votes then the proposals might have passed!

The board has ethical people on it and had good intensions.

Sept 17 2021

According to a report on NEXTDOOR site Lisa Gedert sayís her mom Kay Gedert paid $8,000.00 to the HOA. That would cover 36 homes at $220.00 each.

I know both Don and Kay Gedert have told me in the past I should be on the board. I just donít need the stress and I believe according to the vote on Sept. 13 2021 there is not enough interest by the people in the project. I believe they would rather see the HOA go away, just my thoughts.

How popular is the HOA?

Take away all the proxy votes and what do you have left?

Not very popular!


I think the HOA board should install a sound system so everyone can here the speaker.

Just a thought.

Just My Thoughts

I would like to see a monthly news letter letting all the people in Stardust Hills know what is going on.

AS far as voting someone on the board.† I would have candidate bio in the news letter and a place to vote for the candidate. That way the person is actually voted onto the board by the people that are members of the association.

The board is made up of volunteers and that are voted on the board by the existing board members.

I think the people that are on the board should get some type of compensation for their time.


If I would have bought over 150 lots in this development.

I would be paying 150 times $220.00 for dues.

The cost for me would be $33,000.00 per year!

One of the costs of doing business!


If I would put 100 homes on some of my lots and charge an average rent of $500.00 per home then my income would be:

100 times $500.00 for rent.

For a total income of $50,000.00 per month.

Thatís $600,000.00 per year, or over a half million dollars per year income!

I would think thatís enough profit for most people!


Thatís also assuming I had enough money in hand to pay for all the properties.