To The New  “HOA” board.

I posted on the “Next Door site” about the setback legal document.  As noted in the legal document the HOA has the legal right to give a home owner a “variance”. A record of the “variance” should be kept on file for future sale of the property.


I notified the previous president about the 100’ rule but he ignored me.


As you know Don Gedert is always at the monthly meetings and the board looks to him when giving permission for someone adding a porch onto their home.

Well if the board wants to keep its credibility then it should send a board member over to 419 Dream Way and check the setback. The board approved the porch and garage addition without actually checking the site. That’s derelict of duty on the board’s part.

Maybe the board could draft up a VARIANCE paper for 419 Dream Way and mail it to the new home owner.


The setback is 25’ and the road has 50’ right of way then the house across the street has 25’ for a total of 100’ between homes if both homes are built on the build line.

I think that if you check the site you will find the homes are 100’ apart, so where is the porch?

Hopefully the new board members will be fair.

NOTICE:      Don Gedert’s        New Development!

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Stardust 2013

I was just wondering:

1.          If I wear a mask and go to meet with someone that tested positive for COVID, will the mask keep me safe from COVID?


2.          If I don’t wear a mask and meet with someone that has tested positive for COVID, but he has a mask on will I be safe?


3.          Why would both people need to wear a mask?


4.          The only people that really need to wear a mask would be those who are sick with a cold or COVID.