David Fish                                        President

John Bailey                                      Vice President

Kay Soots                                         Treasurer

Danielle Reich                                Secretary

Charles Turner                               Director

Richard Turner                               Director

Scott Wahl                                       Director


Stardust Hills HOA

1000 Small Fry

Cloverdale, Indiana 46120

Open Mon 2pm to 7pm

Tues and Friday 10AM-3PM

Attorney, Benjamin Waite

Counsel for Stardust Hills HOA


Kris Rogers                   Office Administrator

Contact: Office

Phone: 765-795-6690



Cloverdale is a Great Community

2023 Committee Chair Persons

Violations Committee:        John Bailey/Richard Turner

Activity Committee:              Kay Soots/Danielle Reich

Technology Committee:      Richard Turner

Common Ground/Clubhouse Committee

                           Scott Wahl

A new information news letter was mailed to everyone after the last election meeting October 16, 2022.


Also a new website is being created for the HOA and should be done by January 1, 2023


Breaking News

Stardust Hollar had a drug raid on the house next door to my house. One person was taken away in hand cuffs.

I wondered why they put up security cameras on the house they just moved into.