Randy Rimer……………President

David Fish……………...…..Vice President

Kay Soots…………………….Treasurer

Kay Gedert………………...Secretary


Violations: Jane Ann Hilton volunteered

to be on the Violation committee.

Stardust Hills HOA

1000 Small Fry

Cloverdale, Indiana 46120

Contact: Ava Buis

Phone: 765-795-6690

Open Tuesday 2-7PM and Friday 10AM-2PM

Attorney, Benjamin Waite

Counsel for Stardust Hills HOA



Thanks for the new security cameras installed at the club house, we can now identify the culprits that broke in to the pool.



The town of Cloverdale has an ordinance that every home in the town must have house numbers displayed on the front of the home.

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Jenny Green is right!

The past boards have not done a very good job at keeping properties clean. Cool Evening Ct. is a place you can drive to see a few unkempt homes.

I guess Jenny Green has found a way to get out of the HOA. If enough people do the same thing then the HOA will have to close shop.

Since Jenny is no longer a HOA member she will not have to complain about parking on the grass and the dam at the south lakes.


Will it make any difference in the way Stardust properties look?

Will people put the money they save into their property?

Will people clean or paint their homes and out buildings?

Will they keep their yards mowed?


If saving the HOA fees can make this place look better then I would be all for it.

But I Don’t Think So!


I myself think the board is doing a good job.

A look back in time to 2013.

See if you think things are in better shape today or maybe not.