David Fish                                        President

John Bailey                                      Vice President

Kay Soots                                         Treasurer

Natasha Franklin                           Secretary

Scott Wahl                                       Director

Roy Lotz                                           Director-Bi-laws

Richard Turner Jr.                         Director-Technology


Stardust Hills HOA

1000 Small Fry

Cloverdale, Indiana 46120

Contact: Ava Buis

Phone: 765-795-6690

Open Tuesday 2-7PM and Friday 10AM-2PM

Attorney, Benjamin Waite

Counsel for Stardust Hills HOA


The town of Cloverdale has an ordinance that every home in the town must have house numbers displayed on the front of the home.

Jason Hartman Town Manager

John Bailey will be a good person to help the code enforcement person on the board.


If you have a building such as a mini barn that has not been painted recently you may want to buy some paint.


If you have an extra vehicle setting in your yard that has not been used in years you may want to clean it up.


If your house has green mold on the siding you will need to hose it off.


If the skirting around your trailer is missing or fallen down you need to fix it.


Thanks to David , and John!

Update latest news here:

The HOA is pondering the possibility of raising dues.

We moved here in 2016 and was paying $200.00 per year. Then three years ago the dues were raised to $220.00 per year. After the dues were raised the pool was closed for a year. Then it was repaired at a cost of over $25,000.00.

The HOA pay’s people to watch the pool when it is open, and mow the grass on common grounds.

The way this project looks compared to the town proper, I don’t see why we need an HOA.

The town already collects taxes from the checks of working people. The Clubhouse and pool plus the open spaces would be a good thing for the town.

You expect an area to look a little better than the surrounding neighborhoods when you have an HOA.