I think the picnic tables should be ANODISED ALUMINUM for strength and durability. The color coating will not scratch off or rust.

You will pay more but it will last longer.

The purpose of this tank photo is to show a project I designed in 1972 that used an anodized aluminum hand rail and we had to use stainless bolts for connecting because aluminum and cold steel donít get along to well.

I used aluminum so you would not have to paint every year, the anodizing is tuff.

6' Picnic Table with Anodized Aluminum Planking and Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Frame

Remember the new officer vote is coming up on Sept.17th at 3:00pm

You can be there at noon and enjoy the community get together.



Roy Lotz has been a member for over 36 years and is concerned with the conditions at Stardust Hills.

Roy has some good ideas as to how he would like the direction of the HOA to go.

Please Go and VOTE!