No member shall make any complaint to, or reprimand any employee of the Association. All complaints and suggestions must be made in writing directly to one of the officers of the Association who in turn will refer them to the Board of Directors for action. Complaints will be given prompt attention. Constructive suggestions to improve the Association are requested. All complaints or suggestions shall be dated and signed by person or persons.


           The members of the Board of Directors of Stardust Hills Owners Association ask that you complete the form below and either: Hand deliver or mail to one of the existing Board of Directors


           Mail it to the Stardust Hills Owners Association, Inc. office at P.O. Box 376, Cloverdale, In. 46120 and it will be given to the Board of Directors for prompt attention at the next Board of Directors meeting. Please write “COMPLAINT” in the lower left corner of the envelope.


This complaint will be shown to the Board Members only in executive session at the next monthly Board of Directors meeting.

Please list the complaint and address it is against below.

Just as it is not a good thing for the board members to have their names on this form.

We understand it would not be good for a resident to have their name attached to a complaint form so it will not be required. Instead a member of the board will have to go drive by the site to see for themselves before the attorney can send a complaint if needed to the resident at that address. 




                                                                                                                                       Date: 12/9/21

374 Cool Evening Ct Camper in back yard not moved for at least 3 years, Mini Barn needs painted.


Gederts Old Trailer in front of club house for sale should be taken out.


End of Small Fry at 200 Lazy River Old Garage needs painted and door fixed.


At the end of Frost Way on Lazy River old house is rotten should be removed.


393 Cool Evening Ct. 4 vans a truck and a camper a boat plus other stuff.


518 Cool Evening Road could be done a little better. It used to be real nice.


294 Bubba Loo it’s on NEXTDOOR site “Louis Reitel”


Vehicles in yards

What if you cover your whole property with gravel, then can you park whatever you want on it?

I don’t know the answer to that, it’s not in the rule book is it?