419 Dreamway

Stardust Hills

Porch is over the build line.


If anyone can prove any one of these dimensions are off by more than 3’ please let me know. 

I do have a Laser measuring device that I used to confirm these numbers.

I would like to see the permit and who checked the site for the porch addition.

Contact: ldeckard787@gmail.com



Who ever thought setting the homes on a build line without allowing for a porch to be added in the future?

I know you can’t think of everything when designing a new development but most homes are better with a porch.

Well if the board wants to keep its credibility then it should send a board member over to 419 Dream Way and check the setback. The board approved the porch and garage addition without actually checking the site. That’s derelict of duty on the board’s part.


The setback is 25’ and the road has 50’ right of way then the house across the street has 25’ for a total of 100’ between homes if both homes are built on the build line.

I think that if you check the site you will find the homes are 100’ apart, so where is the porch?


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