Looking at the income expense report from June 2020 the HOA has money in the bank of over $123,000.00. I ran the numbers above for a 12 month period and found we take in more from the dues than the expenses add up to. I only ran the numbers because I heard that someone suggested raising the dues again.

I really don’t see the need for raising the dues again so soon.

I know that the HOA is having the pool repaired at a cost of I think $28,000.00, but that is good for another 10 years at least.

I support repairing the pool, it and the clubhouse is a center piece for luring new home owners to Stardust.


I believe there is a person that has more than 100 lots in the development and does not have to pay any dues whether the lot has a home on it or not.

If that’s true then it’s a place where the new board could work out a new deal without raising the dues on those in the development that is on a limited income.


I don’t know if this person requires the renter to pay the dues. I did talk to one that does not pay dues


Sunday Aug 30, 2020

On other news since the weather was nice I went out to the north side of my garage and cleaned the green off before I get a letter from the HOA.

                                       Stardust Hills                                                       

                                       Income/Expense Report         2020                                           


Category                                                               Expense                         Income


             Total Deposits  Paying    DUES                                                                

             DUES Payers    350             220               For the year     $    77,000.00

             Total Income                                                                     $    77,000.00


             Town of Cloverdale                                            1288                  15456  

             Duke Energy                                                         300                    3600    

             Endeavor                                                              156                    1872    

             Lake Treatments          3000                               250                    3000    

             Ava Buis Pay                                                        223                    2676    

             Ava Buis Pay                                                        260                    3120    

             Ava Buis Pay                                                        230                    2760    

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       199                    1194    

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       270                    1620    

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       204.9                 1229.4 

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       231                    1386    

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       247                    1482    

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       150                    900      

*****   Work-Mowing Times 6                                       323                    1938    

             Game Time misc.                                                                          687      

             VISA Charge Card                                                562                    6744    

             Trash                                                                       76                       912    

             Supplies and Carpet Cleaning                          100                    1200    

             Misc                                                                       250                    3000    

             IRS                                                                                                   262      


                          Expense Total                            5319.9                            $51776.4     For the year


             Income Less Expenses                                                                 $    25,223.60

****** Since we don't mow or weed cut in the winter                                                            


             So at the end of the year we should have $25,000.00 left