Looking at the income expense report from June 2020 the HOA has money in the bank of over $123,000.00. I ran some† numbers guessing that 350 people are paying DUES for a 12 month period. I found we take in more from the dues than the expenses seem to add up to. I only ran the numbers because I heard that someone suggested raising the dues again.


I believe the HOA is taking in around $84,328 annually. Thatís around 380 homes paying the dues.

I really donít see the need for raising the dues again so soon.

I know that the HOA is having the pool repaired at a cost of I think $28,000.00, but that is good for another 10 years at least.

I support repairing the pool, it and the clubhouse is a center piece for luring new home owners to Stardust.


I believe there is a person that has more than 100 lots in the development and does not have to pay any dues whether the lot has a home on it or not.

If thatís true then itís a place where the new board could work out a new deal without raising the dues on those in the development that is on a limited income.


I donít know if this person requires the renter to pay the dues. I did talk to one that sayís he does not pay dues.


Sunday Aug 30, 2020

On other news since the weather was nice I went out to the north side of my garage and cleaned the green off before I get a letter from the HOA.

I was just wondering:

1.† If I wear a mask and go to meet with someone that tested positive for COVID, will the mask keep me safe from COVID?


Did you ever notice how many people that are working with a mask on have their nose uncovered?


You know they test for COVID through the nose not the mouth!


Iím wondering why there is a trailer that has been sitting empty for longer than I have been here, and is rusty, and has no driveway. I am sure no one is living in it so why does the HOA allow this to happen?

It sits in front of the clubhouse and pool driveway.

If you are trying to show homes to a new home buyer you would want to show the clubhouse and pool to them.

So you should make the path nice and not have rusty trailers in the front of the Clubhouse.

Text Box: 91 Small Fry

So I put the mask on and we all placed our orders then went to a booth to sit down. We all proceeded to remove our masks and wait for our food to be brought to the table. When I got my order I told the person I did not have one of the things that was included with my meal. Then a couple of minutes later the girl that would not† take my order without a mask brought the rest of my order. She hands me the plate and her fingers were 2Ē from my fingers and I did not have a mask on.


A guy in the booth across from ours saw what had happened and shook his head in disbelief that she would not take my order without a mask and then delivered my food to me without a mask.


Go Figure.


I went to a restaurant the other day with my wife and my neighbor from heritage lake. We had to have a mask on to enter the restaurant and order. I did not have my mask on when I went in and the girl at the counter would not take my order until I put the mask on.