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Town Manager

No One In Charge

Town Clerk

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Water Department

Deputy Dog

Chief of Police



The town could work with the Stardust Hills HOA  on a deal for the towns people to use the pool when it opens May 30 2020.

You would need to purchase a park pass for a seasonal pass card. The cost could be $20.00 or $30.00 per person.

This would give the HOA more money to update the pool.


Cheryl and Wayne Galloway

Why did Cheryl Resign?

Why did Wayne resign?

I know Don Gedert did not like Cheryl.

I believe Don Gedert has a lot of influence on the town board members.

Wayne had a job as the town manager, plus he would help do payroll, and do building inspections. The previous building inspector quit and they gave that position to Wayne.

The building inspector was paid $20,000.00 per year plus had



Mileage for his vehicle or was furnished a truck

With Wayne you only pay for insurance on one person.

Vacation for one person.

Truck or mileage for one person.

So Wayne was saving the town money.



Larry Fidler, President

Greg Jay, Vice President

Gary Bennington, Council Member

Cindy Holland, Council Member

Donald Sublett, Council Member


Town Council meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at the Cloverdale Town Hall. Meetings begin at 7:00pm.

June Meetings


Tuesday 06/09/20

7:00 PM Town Council Meeting



Est. 1839

Town of Cloverdale,In 46120