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Just some of my thoughts about the HOA.

Take a ride on the streets of Cloverdale, Indiana, look at the yards and homes.

All the working people living in those homes pay city taxes from their pay checks.


Next take a ride on all the streets of Stardust Hills, look at the yards and homes.

All the working people living in those homes pay city taxes from their pay checks.


The only difference is the people in Stardust Hills will pay $280.00 per year HOA fees to live in a better maintained area.

After the ride through both areas do you feel that the HOA area is a better maintained area than the town proper?


I personally donít know if getting rid of the HOA would solve anything.

But if you canít enforce the rules then I say get rid of the HOA!†

†ROTTEN† YELLOW HOUSE at Lazy River and Frost Ct has been setting there ever since we moved here 8 years ago!


I saw a category on the proposed budget called ďDEPRECIATION FOR AN AMOUNT of AROUND $5,000.00 .

How do you pay yourself for a loss in depreciation in a budget?

I had a business for over 50 years and I donít know if my CPA had that in my budget?


Presently the HOA takes in (220 x 402=$88,440.00)†† If raised then: (280 x 402=$112,560.00) That would be a $24,120.00 Increase

(Apparently everybody donít pay because there is a lot of lawyer payments to help collect from past due home owners)

The HOA should look for ways to save money on some areas of the expenses.

Rather than consider raising the dues.


There are some trailers in the project that are being removed from Stardust Hills.

The HOA should stop letting older used trailers into the project.

A special thanks to the Flinchums for their help with the cleanup around the project!


What is the HOA for?

The developer sets up an HOA to preserve the looks of a new neighborhood. This will help keep your property value up.

A neighborhood will degrade in time and he would like to see the degradation slow down.

The amenities he puts in and the open grounds will need to be kept clean and grass mowed.

Those things take money that the developer does not want to pay, so thatís a good reason for him to establish an HOA.

The HOA board will have to hire a Grounds Keeper, and an Office Manager.

The Office manager will take care of the books and rent the Community Building, and the pool.

The Community building will have heat and air conditioning to maintain.

The Grounds keeper will need a lawn mower, weed eater, and a blower. He will also have repairs.

Utilities will also have to be paid.

The office keeper will have to be paid.

The grounds keeper will have to be paid.

Now letís suppose you have all these things set up and the place still gets run down over time.


Is it the HOA that let the project get run down?

Should your dues go down because the project is run down?


What would happen if the HOA would just quit.

Would the project look like the rest of Cloverdale that does not have an HOA?

Every working person in the Project and the town pays City taxes. The city has rules about tall grass and building codes.


I donít know if the town enforces their own ordinances?


May 2024