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Roy Lotz:

I saw a question by Dawn Simmons 313 Someday Way on the NEXTDOOR site wondering how wide is a driveway.

Most HOA’s consider 2 cars or 20’ to be a driveway, any wider then it’s a parking lot.

To be considered a driveway it must be either, Gravel, Blacktop, or Concrete.

It’s also considered that if grass is growing around the tires then you are parked in the yard.

Parking in the street and yard is prohibited.

At least I was told that when I moved in here.

The town has final say on how you connect to the street. That property belongs to the town of Cloverdale to maintain.


There is a 50’ road right of way between the properties in the addition, and of course the tax man wants to adjust your property value based on the improvements.