Charles Turner


Owning Property in Stardust Hills:

When you buy a home in Stardust Hills you own the lot your home sits on.

The description of a property:

The front of your house is the side that the main entry door is located or driveway is on.

The setback for the front of your house is 25 feet..

The setback for the back of your house is 15 feet.

The setback for the sides of your house is 6 feet.

All lots are allotted 20 feet for a driveway.

If you want a driveway wider than 20í you will need a variance from the HOA.


No vehicles that are legal for running on the road are allowed to park on the yard space, no matter if the yard is grass or gravel!

If you want to add a fence or mini barn to your property you must apply with the HOA for permission!

If you want to add a porch to your home and your home was built on the setback line then you will need a VARIANCE from the HOA.


Paint on buildings needs to be enforced, also green mold that seems to form on a lot of homes needs to be removed.

If you have a structure that was built as an addition to a trailer, and the trailer is removed.

That structure should have to adhere to the building standards for a stand alone building.

If the structure will not pass the building codes then that structure will have to be removed.


The HOA does not allow parking overnight on the street!

Some thoughts about Stardust Hills

It was a good idea to form an HOA to upkeep the pool, buildings and grounds.

The dues money would keep those things looking good, but enforcing the rules such as keeping your property clean and uncluttered takes someone special to do.

When I was first shown this place it did not look as bad as today. One of the problems is time takes a toll on people as they get older and less healthy. A high percentage of the population in Stardust Hills gets a check of some kind from the government. That check does not allow them to do much to the property because of the expense of just living.† So how do you get them to wash the siding on their home, and fix the skirting around the bottom of their mobile home when they donít have the money or the health to get it done?

A lot of people in stardust have a lot of stuff, and some just park that stuff on the yard.

All the lots in Stardust were designed to include a 20 foot wide driveway. The grass on both sides of the road 15 feet wide belongs to the town of Cloverdale. You are not allowed to park overnight on the streets of Stardust, or in your yard.

The other day I talked to Randy and he said him and his wife looked at a home in Monrovia that had an HOA that charges $250.00 and the houses around the one they looked at had a similar situation of stuff every where in their yards.

Sayís a lot about an HOA donít it!