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Gedert  property.

One person owns more trailers than anybody in the project and a lot of them need to be condemned and removed from the project.




Kenny Flinchum

Owning Property in Stardust Hills:

When you buy a home in Stardust Hills you own the lot your home sits on.

No vehicles that are legal for running on the road are allowed to park on the yard space, no matter if the yard is grass or gravel!

If you want to add a fence or mini barn to your property you must apply with the HOA for permission!



If you want to add a porch to your home and your home was built on the setback line then you will need a VARIANCE from the HOA.

The HOA has the sole authority to issue a variance.

If  a person should object to the addition they must be in good standing.


Paint on buildings needs to be enforced, also green mold that seems to form on a lot of homes needs to be removed.


If you have a structure that was built as an addition to a trailer, and the trailer is removed.

That structure should have to adhere to the building standards for a stand alone building.

If the structure will not pass the building codes then that structure will have to be removed.

Thanks to those who cleaned up the fallen tree!